California Berry Genetics Expanding Blueberry Industry with New Varietals

Selma, CA – California Berry Genetics is one of the leading blueberry nurseries in the nation. Owners, Greg and Monica Willems both come from legacy farming families, contributing insight and expertise to California Berry Genetics. Their newest blueberry seedling program was developed by  renowned University of Georgia (UGA) Horticulturist Scott NeSmith. NeSmith was the head of the UGA Blueberry Breeding Program for over 20 years. 

California Berry Genetics currently offers three exclusive varieties from UGA to commercial growers in the United States: Early Duchess, Blue Duchess, and Sweet Duchess. Blue Duchess is also offered in Mexico. California Berry Genetics’ new varietals are high-yield blueberries that are mechanically harvestable, keeping labor costs and food safety in mind during the operation. 

Through UGA, California Berry Genetics holds exclusive rights to a new type of berry that hit the market this year called Pink Cosmo. This berry is available under the Willems’ consumer-facing brand, Farm to Table Berries. This new variety’s eye-catching color and delicious flavor is on the cutting edge of the blueberry market. 

In the next two years, California Berry Genetics will be releasing five new commercial blueberry varieties that possess an extra-large size, thick skin, crunchy texture, and an outstanding flavor.

California Berry Genetics sells top-of-the-line blueberry cultivars that are innovative and bred for grower success. California Berry Genetics supplies its partners with the foundation for successful growing, harvesting, packing, and selling. The team at California Berry Genetics is looking forward to sharing their unique genetics program and cultivars with the agriculture industry to take the blueberry sector to a new level.

Contact: Ashleigh Sorensen December 21, 2023