FarmWise Launches Next-Generation Weeding Machine at World Ag Expo®

FarmWise’s new weeding implement was named to the World Ag Expo®’s 2023 Top-10 New Products list.

Tulare, CA – FarmWise, a farm automation company in the commercial weeding business for three years, launches its next-generation weeding implement, Vulcan, at the upcoming World Ag Expo®. Now available for purchase, Vulcan was named to the World Ag Expo®’s 2023 Top-10 New Products list. Vulcan packs cutting-edge computer vision into a lightweight, open cultivator frame. Thanks to deep learning models refined by millions of images in FarmWise’s catalog, Vulcan removes weeds inter-row and intra-row with sub-inch precision, eliminating the need for hand-weeding crews for over 20 vegetable crops including lettuce and broccoli. The end result is a cost-efficient, precise, and reliable weed control solution for vegetable crops.

Pre-orders for single- and triple-bed Vulcan models are now open via the FarmWise website. The first deliveries are scheduled for late Q3 2023.

Vulcan key features:

  • Sub-inch accuracy around the plants
  • Compatible with industry-standard tractors, Category II, 3-point hitch
  • A fully open architecture that ensures high visibility for the operator
  • Lightweight (under 3,500 lbs for the single-bed model)
  • In-Cab monitor with a straightforward interface
  • Available in single- and triple-bed versions, 80-84” bed width, 1 to 6 lines per bed
  • 20 crops in the portfolio

And benefits:

  • Intra-row weeding removes the need for hand crews
  • Reliable weed control in all lighting conditions
  • Easy switch from one field to the next, configuration for any set-up takes 20 minutes
  • Can be used even in wet field conditions
  • Microblade adjustments for added precision from the cab
  • On and off-the-field support via remote live performance monitoring and a team of mobile mechanics
  • Ongoing software updates incl. upgraded crop models for further performance enhancements

Visit the FarmWise booth at World Ag Expo®: South Exhibits, H12.

Join us on 02/16 at 9:30 am to discuss currently available weed control technologies for growers.






Contact: Pauline Canteneur, marketing coordinator,