Rubicon Introduces the Next Generation of High-Performance Surface Irrigation Technology at the 2022 World Ag Expo®

Rubicon Water is proud to announce the preview of our on-farm FarmConnect™ offering at the 2022 Word Ag Expo.

FarmConnect leverages the technologies within Rubicon’s proven irrigation district solutions to deliver innovative on-farm automated gate and valve solutions. These high-performance surface irrigation solutions enhance irrigators’ operations to provide significant water savings, reduced labor, and increased yields.

The introduction of automated surface irrigation, with in-field sensors for soil moisture, climate inputs and wetting front advance, irrigation scheduling tools, plus communications via IoT-enabled nodes will help farmers know, with precision, when to irrigate their crops and how much water to apply.

FarmConnect’s Business Development Manager, Peter Moller says “FarmConnect’s range of on-farm products are set to revolutionize surface irrigation in the USA. We’ve been busy running trials in California while offering this solution commercially in Australia for the last 10 years. The outcomes are backed by scientific evidence from several of the leading Universities in surface irrigation research. We’re seeing application efficiencies exceed 85%  resulting in water savings, improved yields, and significantly reduced labor requirements .”

“Our development team has dedicated a lot of time producing these products and we’re extremely proud to extend the technology to surface irrigators throughout the USA.”

FarmConnect’s smart yet simple software and unique capability for integration with third-party devices provide users with a single interface to handle a multitude of on-farm irrigation operations.

Farmers will be able to grow more crops on less land with low or no energy costs, reducing labor costs, while saving significant volumes of water.


Rubicon Water delivers advanced technology to maximize the efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of agricultural water. Founded in 1995, Rubicon has more than 35,000 gates and meters installed throughout irrigation districts located in 17 countries. The anticipated introduction of Rubicon’s FarmConnect solutions will enable Farmers to grow more on less land while saving significant volumes of water, energy, and labor costs.