Underground Service Alert Urges Homeowners and the Ag Community to Contact 811 Before Digging

Tulare, CA – Underground Service Alert, a leading advocate for utility damage prevention and safety, is reminding homeowners and the Ag community of the importance of calling 811 before breaking ground.

811 is the national “Call Before You Dig” telephone number, which connects individuals with local utility companies to have underground utility lines marked on their property before digging begins. This service is free of charge and can prevent damage to underground utility lines, as well as avoid costly fines and prevent personal injury.

“Homeowners and farmers often don’t realize the potential hazards that come with digging on their property,” said Ryan White. “By simply calling 811 before starting any digging project, they can ensure the safety of themselves and their community, as well as prevent costly damages to underground utility lines.”

Underground Service Alert encourages homeowners and the Ag community to make 811 their first call before any digging project, regardless of its size or scope. A few minutes of your time can potentially save your life and thousands of dollars in damages.

For more information on 811 and the “Call Before You Dig” service, visit usanorth811.org.


Underground Service Alert is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting safety, education, and damage prevention in Northern & Central California and Nevada.

Contact: Matt Dodd – Marketing Coordinator – 925-234-2412 – matt.dodd@usan.org