World Ag Expo® Top-10 New Product Winners: Where are they now?

AgCode Inc.

2021 Winner: AgCode Passive by AgCode Inc.

Answered by: Lance Donny,

Q: Where is the product now? How has it changed?
A: Many customers have started using Passive, and they are amazed how easy it is to record their records and track productivity. We’ve continued to improve the data analysis.

Q: What innovations are you working on now?
A: We’re launching a brand-new version of our leading farm management software in November.

Q: How did winning the Top-10 award help your company and the winning product?
A: While we’ve been serving wine grape growers for nearly 20 years, many growers in other specialty crops don’t know AgCode. Winning the Top-10 award has helped us introduce ourselves to these growers.

Q: Where can everyone find you?
A: Come by our digital booth at and see the next generation of AgCode farm management software!