Ace Pump Re-enters Roller Pump Market with New Product Line

Ace Pump Corporation is excited to announce its new line of roller pumps for a variety of spraying applications.  

“If you’ve been around the market for some time, you know that Ace produced roller pumps in the past,” noted Ace Pump CEO, Andy Randle.  “These products were discontinued approximately 20 years ago to focus on our core centrifugal pump market. We have now returned to the market based on our customers’ needs and requests for a reliable source of durable, dependable, and American-made roller pumps.” 

According to Randle, these new products represent a total reboot of the product line and a large investment by Ace and its parent company, Annovi Reverberi Group.  The product range was retooled from the ground up utilizing all-new casting tools, machining centers, and manufacturing processes.  In addition, Ace has also partnered with several new U.S.-based component suppliers to assure consistent quality and timely delivery of these new products. 

The new Ace roller pumps include the following features:

  • Economical cast iron construction
  • Durable thermoplastic rollers
  • Compact direct mounting on tractor PTO
  • Availability in bulk packs for equipment manufacturers, providing greater process efficiency with less waste
  • A multi-speed quick coupler that fits 6-spline (540 rpm) and 21-spline (1000 rpm) shafts
  • Optional torque bar kit to prevent pump rotation during operation
  • Universal repair kits that fit Ace and competitive models (6500 & 7560)

The following cast iron pump models are now available from Ace:

Pump ModelSizeRotationMax RPMMax FlowMax Pressure
RP-600C6-roller, 3/4” x 3/4” NPTCCW120021.8 gpm300 psi
RP-600C-R6-roller, 3/4” x 3/4” NPTCW120021.8 gpm300 psi
RP-800C8-roller, 3/4” x 3/4” NPTCCW100022.5 gpm300 psi
RP-800C-R8-roller, 3/4” x 3/4” NPTCW100022.5 gpm300 psi

In addition, these popular parts and accessories are also available:

Part NumberDescription
RP-TBKTorque bar kit for 6- and 8-roller pumps
BAC-10-RP6-QCMultispeed die-cast PTO quick coupler for 6-roller with 5/8” shaft
BAC-10-RP8-QCMultispeed die cast PTO quick coupler for 8-roller with 15/16” shaft
RK-RP-6006-roller universal repair kit (includes seals, O-rings and rollers)
RK-RP-8008-roller universal repair kit (includes seals, O-rings and rollers)
RP-BP6Base plate for direct coupling 6-roller –R pump to gas engine
RP-BP8Base plate for direct coupling 8 roller –R pump to gas engine

For more information about the new line of Ace roller pumps, please visit or contact your authorized Ace Pump distributor.