Afrikelp USA Brings its Sustainably-Harvested Liquid Seaweed Extract to World Ag Expo®

Afrikelp-USA products can be applied as a foliar spray, dip, or drench through irrigation systems to stimulate and support root and shoot growth as well as plant development for enhanced ROI

Tulare, CA – Recent research demonstrates that seaweed extracts can help improve growth, vigor, and productivity in a variety of crops.1 At a time when it is necessary to improve quality parameters and crop yield, farmers must turn to management solutions that improve agricultural performance. Afrikelp-USA enables farmers to do this with a very high return on investment, supported by many trials and U.S.-based research studies. Their liquid seaweed extracts harvest the power of the sea to improve a range of farm production metrics. The company will be spotlighting its liquid seaweed product portfolio, which helps maximize agricultural growth. Afrikelp-USA will be in Corteva Agriscience Center 3407 at World Ag Expo®.

Afrikelp USA, based in California, offers a liquid seaweed treatment that is sustainably extracted from the unique South African giant kelp, Ecklonia maxima. Each batch goes through a rigorous internal quality laboratory test and Afrikelp USA is regularly quality checked by independent labs. The liquid seaweed extract has helped farmers to achieve proven success at increasing yields while reducing the utilization of synthetic inputs.

“Afrikelp has more than 15 years of expertise nourishing growth for a wide variety of crops with our sustainably harvested Ecklonia maxima,” says the Managing Director of Afrikelp-USA, Joaquin Orellana. “Over the years we’ve gathered data that shows a specific approach for each crop and gives farmers the tools they need to succeed every season. Now is the time for farmers to invest in sustainable inputs that improve crop yield and quality.”

Visit Afrikelp-USA at World Ag Expo® in Tulare, California, from February 14-16, 2023 at booth 3407 to learn more about their sustainably-harvested liquid seaweed extracts and discuss their expertise derived from decades of helping farmers increase yields using their products that are extracted from the sea.

Afrikelp-USA’s liquid seaweed can be applied to a range of crops from fruit and nuts to grains, seeds, and vegetables. Using this product will help farmers stay at the forefront of agricultural performance.


Afrikelp-USA has provided sustainable seaweed solutions that nourish crop growth for 20 years. Their liquid seaweed is extracted from the unique brown kelp, Ecklonia maxima, that is sustainably harvested from Gansbaai at the Southern tip of Africa. This unique extract contains essential natural components that help crops against stressful conditions, enhance quality, and uniform sizes categories, increase yield, and improve the growth performance of a variety of crops. Each batch undergoes rigorous quality testing and is effective at boosting agricultural performance in a variety of crops from fruit and nuts to grains, seeds, and vegetables. For more information, visit

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