AgNote: The Farm Management Software That Does It All

Bakersfield, CA, January 5, 2024 – AgNote, a farm management software company, has announced the
launch of its new version, which allows farmers to manage row, permanent and vegetable crops on one
platform. AgNote is designed to be simple, practical, and affordable, helping farmers easily and quickly
input, organize, view, and track their farm data with ease.
AgNote’s key features include:

  • Customizable dashboards, quick data visualization and filtering, powerful data reporting and
    sharing, schedulable reports, and customizable yield recording.
  • Irrigation water source management, field mapping, organic field flagging, multi-harvest view,
    account user management with roles, file attachments, and multi-farm management.
  • Dedicated management areas for row, permanent and produce crops, with features such as split
    fields, multiple plantings, spray tracking, crop scouting, and annual harvest view.

AgNote was created and improved in the field, by an actual farm manager who experienced farm data
management struggles firsthand. AgNote’s mission is to deliver value to its customers, who inspire its
product innovations. AgNote listens to its customers and works hard to earn and keep their trust.

AgNote is offering a free 7-day trial for new users, who can register and try it out at any time. AgNote’s
pricing is based on the farm’s acreage and offers volume discounts. AgNote also provides flexible
payment options and subscription terms and does not charge for deactivated farms and fields.

AgNote has received positive feedback from its clients, who appreciate its simplicity, effectiveness, and
user-friendliness. AgNote is currently used by farmers in California, Florida, New Jersey, and Hawaii. In
the first quarter of 2024, AgNote will add additional functionality for farmers who use metric
measurement units such as hectares, kilograms, liters etc.

For more information about AgNote, please visit its website, contact them, or call them on 661-552-