Agpro Launches Smart Soaker™

Agpro® has just launched its most innovative product yet. Their patent-pending Smart Soaker™ made its debut at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI. This Smart Soaker™ system brings the latest in automation technology to feedline soaking as it only sprays if a cow is present. 

When the sensors and smart algorithms determine that a cow is present and conditions are warranted, Smart Soaker™ activates a soak cycle. This technology ensures that every drop of soaker water provides heat stress relief for hard-working cows and yields a strong return on investment, all without wasting resources or overwhelming other systems. 

Smart Soaker™ makes soaking not only possible but a profitable option for your farm.

The Agpro® Smart Soaker™ System will:

 -Increase milk production and cow comfort compared to conventional soakers.

-Save on water consumption and waste system handling needs

-Make cow soaking possible to farms that were previously limited by water supply or waste system capacity.

-Reduce equipment and infrastructure needs waste system is feeding a biodigester.For more information on this revolutionary new product go to the Agpro® website at or call 903-785-5531