Archery Company Making Strides in the Dairy Industry

After almost 75 years of manufacturing and distributing archery components worldwide, the Bohning Company began its endeavor into the agricultural industry. In 2020, the Bohning Company was approached by local dairy farmers and hoof trimmers, inquiring if a better hoof block could be designed. The available hoof blocks frequently fell off prematurely, creating more work for trimmers and frustration for the farmers they served. After extensive research, Bohning engineers and material specialists introduced The Bohning Hoof Block, a block that adheres well and requires no prep work prior to application. Today, Bohning continues to search for innovative solutions to cow lameness in the dairy industry, with new products on the horizon. 

The Bohning Company introduced the Biodegradable Bohning Hoof Block in 2023. This next generation block delivers an eco-friendly solution to a common dairy problem. Manufactured exclusively in northern Michigan using a USA sourced, plant-based material; the biodegradable blocks provide optimal wound healing time while also avoiding damage to manure handling systems. It also has superior adhesion properties and doesn’t require the need for flame or abrasion prior to application. This aspect increases efficiency for the trimmer. Once applied, Bohning Biodegradable Hoof Blocks provide two to four weeks of consistent, even wear, reducing risk of developing new injuries due to an uneven walking surface. 

Available in three lengths and two thicknesses, blocks can be used on various breeds and sizes of cloven hoofed animals to promote healing. The Biodegradable Bohning Block provides the durability of a plastic block paired with the environmentally friendly degradation of wood blocks. The biodegradable block builds on innovation while at the same time addressing different needs in the industry.


Abigail Graff