AZOMITE Mineral Products, Inc. Appoints Senior Sales Consultant to Growing Soil Products Division

Nephi, UT — AZOMITE Mineral Products, Inc., a leader in mineral-based agricultural fertilizer and natural soil amendments, is pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Ysidro Munoz to the company’s growing Soil Products Division. In his role as Senior Sales Consultant, Mr. Munoz will foster new customer relationships, working directly with agricultural growers and distributors within North America, cultivating best  practices for inclusion of AZOMITE in growth programs. He will also play a key part in developing and overseeing product trials.  

Mr. Munoz has extensive experience in sustainable farming and ranch management  and is well-versed at implementing complex agricultural programs in plant and soil  fertilization. Previous professional experience included the market development of  Wiserg Corp’s Ultra Gro Plant fertilizer, a sustainable product initiative built upon  recovering nutrients from food scraps. 

“I am excited to join the AZOMITE team because there is great opportunity to infuse  important, sustainable methods into the agriculture world. The idea that this product is  mined directly from a natural source and can support soil health is extremely appealing  to me,” Munoz says.  

AZOMITE Mineral Products, Inc. is headquartered near its production facility in Nephi,  Utah, where the plant and soil nutrient product known as AZOMITE® is mined naturally  from an ancient volcanic ash deposit. It is used by both conventional and organic  growers to support crop vitality and yield as an integral part of balanced soil  management. The product line has expanded to meet the needs of the rapidly growing  organic farming movement, enabling producers to utilize a single source product  containing several of the nutrients soils and crops require for optimum, profitable  production. AZOMITE® is safe to use in a variety of applications; including specialty and  commercial food crops and is both OMRI-listed and Halal certified.

Jim Phillips, President of AZOMITE Mineral Products, Inc. says “We are very excited to  have Ysidro join our team. Our goal is to be a true partner with our customers and help  them optimize their results – this requires us to have experienced, knowledgeable and  talented team members. Ysidro meets all of those requirements.” 

AZOMITE Mineral Products, Inc. produces four different grades of products, to serve  the growing demands of fertilizer program advisors, product distributors and agricultural  producers in over seventy countries. Mr. Munoz will work from his office in Ventura,  CA while connecting with growers and customers, forging new roads ahead. Connect  with Mr. Munoz through the AZOMITE office liaison or through


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