BDFast®, the innovation in quick hose jointing

BDFast® patented technology is a new generation of fittings for quick hose-jointing that combines high product quality and user friendliness. The BDFast® (PN 10) hose nozzle compression fittings in polypropylene secure the hose without the traditional metal clamp: the innovative clinching system allows to push-fit the fittings on uneven hose surfaces, be they single-layer, with PVC shockproof reinforcement or with metal spiral.

The BDFast® fittings have excellent technical and mechanical characteristics, guaranteeing high performance both indoors and outdoors:

10 BAR operating pressure, flexibility of temperature, guaranteed hydraulic seal, mechanical seal resistant to vibrations, stress, shocks and pulling of the delivery pipe.

Reliability and high performance, combined with user friendliness: to connect an appliance to a hose with BDFast® simply screw the fitting onto the machine (with the possible addition of sealant if necessary), loosen the ring nut slightly, push-fit the hose until it reaches the mechanical stop and tighten the ring nut completely by hand. For effective tightening in larger sizes, the appropriate tightening spanner will be used.

BDFast® products allow for considerable time-saving both during assembly and during disassembly, for example in the case of maintenance: compared to traditional hose nozzles, simply loosen the ring nut and remove the hose, without damaging the system.

Discover all the advantages and features of BDFast®!


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