Best in Class Diagnostics on Any Tractor

When looking for a solution to read the electronics on your tractor, Jaltest AGV is the place to go. With tractors being all electronic nowadays, you will need a tool like this one. This tool gives you the ability to connect to Ag vehicles, read and clear codes, set parameters, run regens and pretty much access every module available. With all the different brands, Jaltest offers specific connectors to facilitate the connection as well as instructions and images of where to find them in real life. As with everything, it’s a tool that evolves with the industry, so be prepared to get updates every four months, bringing new coverage, brands and systems to give you more power to repair!

One Tool, All Makes

Jaltest AGV is the solution to fixing your tractor on your own. A full suite software that offers full diagnostics functionality for your vehicle, regardless if it’s a tractor, harvester, sprayer or combine. Jaltest AGV can read green, red or any other color.

All makes and all systems diagnostics coverage is included with the Jaltest AGV:

  • Agricultural equipment and machinery diagnostics.
  • Automatic detection of systems and fault codes.
  • Real-time live data monitoring.
  • Component actuation and calibrations.
  • Maintenance data reset.
  • Modification of equipment configuration.
  • Hydraulic valve exchange and calibration.
  • DPF regens.
  • And much more!

Jaltest Diagnostics assists the technicians in the process of finding out what is wrong with the vehicle or machine and guides them towards the solution. You will find a full array of bi-directional controls and troubleshooting guides that will get every job done by including images, component locations, and easy to read wiring diagrams.


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