Bohning Launches Hoof Block

Bohning Ag is pleased to announce a new hoof block that ensures great adhesion and durability.

The Bohning® Block was developed with the cooperation of hoof trimming experts. These trimmers often encountered issues with standard plastic hoof blocks: the blocks did not adhere well to the hoof despite proper preparation, creating extra work for the trimmers and frustration for the farms they serve. Over the course of several months, these hoof trimmers worked with Bohning’s in-house team of engineers and material specialists to design and develop the material used in the Bohning® Block. It is manufactured entirely at the Bohning Co. in Lake City, Michigan. 


  • STAYS PUT. Honeycomb pattern creates an ultra-strong bond with the glue and prevents glue waste.
  • NO FLAME NECESSARY. Our manufacturing process leaves no oily residue, so you don’t have to waste time burning it off before application.
  • DURABLE. Lasts up to 3 months in high-wear environments.
  • BI-DIRECTIONAL USE. Can be flipped to be used on either side of the hoof.
  • HANGABLE. Lanyard hole incorporated for easy access.
  • TWO SIZES AVAILABLE. Small (White) & Large (Purple).



The Bohning Company has been located in Missaukee County, in Northern Michigan, since its founding 75 years ago. Missaukee County has a long tradition of dairy farming and is ranked 4th in the state and 93rd in the nation for milk production. With over 400 farms and almost 100,000 acres of farmland, cows outnumber humans three-and-a-half to one. The dairy industry continues to grow in Missaukee County because of the farmers and their associates who are committed to increasing efficiency and productivity and maintaining herd health.

Developing and manufacturing high-quality products that solve problems for local industries, then extending these solutions globally, is a foundation of the Bohning Company. Northern Michigan is home to some of archery’s greatest legends, so the area was a natural fit for Rollin Bohning, a chemist, and avid archer. Bohning continues to apply its expertise in plastics and adhesives to serve a wide variety of local industries including fishing and golf. We are very proud to continue that tradition with the introduction of a product that solves problems for the numerous dairy farms in our area and around the world.