CaBa introduces Italian orchard and vineyard machinery for organic production

CaBa Industrie is a medium enterprise based in Faenza (Italy) that produces a high variety of agricultural machines for orchards and vineyards.

The company is approaching the American market in order to let its products be known even outside Europe and help farmers in their transition to organic farming. The company manufactures durable machines, whose purpose is to provide a high quality and biological agriculture, especially for in-row cultivation, pruning, spraying and harvesting.

With this aim, the decision to participate to World Ag Expo® 2021 – digital edition represents a pillar in the company’s strategy towards North American customers. Thanks to the support of the Italian Trade Agency in Houston, we are now proud to show the expert American public our products and we are sure to find fertile ground for them.

CaBa Industrie manufactures three different multi-functional brands: Lotti, Vicar and Macfruit.

  • Lotti in-row cultivators and trimmers, which could be equipped with various interchangeable tools to carry out different operations in soil working and leaf canopy management.
  • Vicar revolutionary turbine sprayers are able to generate a constant airflow, ensuring a considerable drift reduction thanks to their spraying precision.
  • Macfruit innovative range of fruit harvesters are the right solution to carry out any operation in your orchard.

More information can be found on our website ( or contacting our staff at World Ag Expo® 2021.


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