Cojali showcases advanced diagnostics at World Ag Expo

Tulare, CA – February 13, USA: As a prominent player in the world of agricultural advancements, Cojali is gearing up to showcase its cutting-edge solutions at the prestigious World Ag Expo for the 4th consecutive year. Positioned at the forefront is Jaltest Diagnostics, the all-makes & all-systems advanced diagnostics solution used by thousands of farm operators, AG Equipment rental companies, dealerships and independent repair shops.

World Ag Expo, the ever-expanding agricultural trade show, spans over 2.6 million square feet with more than 1,200 exhibitors. A hub of innovation, this annual event will take place February 13-15, in Tulare, California, and will offer a platform for attendees to explore revolutionary agricultural products, engage in seminars, and foster valuable connections.

In the midst of an exciting year for USA, Cojali is strategically consolidating its product range and introducing innovative solutions. With over three decades of technological expertise in heavy-duty, off-highway, agricultural and material handling equipment, and vessels across global markets, USA has made a significant impact in the American market over its 14 years of presence. No matter the vehicle you work on, a user’s diagnostics needs are covered on one unique platform.

Expanding its team, the company seizes the opportunity to spotlight technology and tailor-made solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in this market. This is in line with Cojali’s commitment to stay ahead of industry trends, something that Knorr-Bremse put into value and became a shareholder of the company. The strategic context behind this move is for the global market leader in braking systems to invest in Cojali’s knowledge and expertise in the connectivity market while further advancing in digitalization within the transportation industry. This signifies an extension of growth opportunities and the pursuit of new partnerships for Cojali. 

Cojali’s dedication to innovation also reflects in the diagnostics realm, with AG coverage receiving a significant boost in the upcoming Jaltest Diagnostics version 24.1, set to release on March 1. Jaltest Diagnostics has not only expanded its coverage but also strengthened its customer support, setting a new standard in the market. The recently introduced service of Jaltest Advanced Technical Support (ATS) by an in-house team of certified technical specialists enhances user experience by integrating Jaltest’s integrated repair information with live technical support. 

Visitors are invited to explore Cojali’s innovations firsthand at booths 3621 & 3622. Discover the future of diagnostics and communication protocols for agricultural equipment by stopping by, witnessing LIVE Demos, and engaging in insightful conversations with our team. Cojali looks forward to welcoming all attendees to an immersive experience at World Ag Expo. 

About Cojali S. L.:

Cojali S. L., based in Campo de Criptana, is a Spanish multinational manufacturer of components and electronics, apart from developing advanced diagnostics solutions, remote diagnostics and connectivity for commercial vehicles, agricultural equipment, off-highway equipment, material handling equipment and vessels, as well as ISOBUS compatibility solutions for tractors and implements.

Thanks to the wide expertise in the development of on-board and workshop technology solutions, Cojali is actively working on data processing and analysis, being this a strategic business activity, which enables the implementation of improvement processes and the release of new products onto the market.

Finally, Cojali provides a comprehensive training offer, as well as complete solutions for technical support, aimed at ensuring the successful use of technology in the automotive industry.

Cojali S. L. has three subsidiaries: Cojali France, Cojali Italy and Cojali USA, and four sales offices in Germany, Turkey, Mexico and India.