CowManager Reveals New Brand Positioning and Visual Identity

CowManager reveals new brand positioning, including a new visual identity and website. The new look and feel represent our drive and high ambition to play an even more prominent role in the world of cow monitoring.

CowManager is the frontrunner of in-ear monitoring technology. We are fully independent and unique being fourth-generation dairy farmers ourselves. With our data, we coach farmers to make the best decisions for better results. We believe, to be a successful farmer, you need to be a prepared farmer. CowManager works together with farmers and their advisors, sharing knowledge to keep making progress. We support farmers to reach their goals, whatever their ambitions are. The new branding resembles this, showing more confidence and the power of progress.

Bernd Spelbos, Commercial Director at CowManager: “We have been very modest in the past, but in the last 10 years we have proven our in-ear technology works! With this new brand positioning and visual identity, we would like to prepare CowManager for the future and position ourselves as a strong, international, and distinctive brand.”


New Logo
CowManager has modernized the logo and made a conscious choice to use bold and capital letters to position ourselves in a powerful way. The icon in the back refers to the sensor signals and it also depicts CowManager’s accuracy and sharpness.

New Pay Off: Ahead of The Herd Together
With the new pay-off – Ahead of the Herd Together – CowManager explains that we are the inventive thriving force. The champion. The expert. We are not alone, we work together at all times, with and for the farmer. We motivate, inform, and enthuse farmers in a light-hearted way. We stay away from complex and technical language, but choose simplicity and make it understandable for every farmer.

New Brand Colors
In our communication, we combine strong bold phrases with pictures of cows, farmers, and their ear sensors. The bright red color emphasizes the determination for success, leadership, and passion in all we do.


At CowManager, we believe a successful farmer is a prepared farmer. That’s why we ensure you’re always ahead. Prepared for what’s coming. We help you reach your goals, whatever your ambitions are. And whether you have 20 or 20,000 cows; with CowManager you’ll have eyes on all of them.

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