Davis Instruments EnviroMonitor agriculture platform now compatible with Pessl Instruments Field Climate Software

Davis Instruments and Pessl Instruments, two leading global manufacturers of weather stations, data collection hardware, and software for agriculture have partnered to integrate data from Davis Instruments EnviroMonitor platform with Pessl Instruments FieldClimate software, creating the most holistic suite of agriculture sensors and software on the market.

“We are excited to offer Pessl FieldClimate software to farmers around the world who trust Davis Instruments’ VantagePro2 weather stations and EnviroMonitor farm data platform to collect critical weather and other sensor data from their farms. This collaboration provides our customers the choice to select the best combination of hardware and software wherever they farm,” said Chris Sullivan, President of Davis Instruments.

Davis Instruments EnviroMonitor platform is built on their history of designing and manufacturing high-quality, durable, scientific-grade sensor data collection systems, giving farmers cost-effective access to the power of data-driven decisions. Combining that heritage with FieldClimate’s software platform designed for collecting, analyzing, and displaying agronomic, meteorological, soil, and insect data creates a broader range of solutions for our customers. The integration with EnviroMonitor data gives Davis customers access to the FieldClimate platform and Pessl’s
enhanced decision support tools.

“No matter the innovation, cooperation, or other step in the development of the company, we always go for it with this most important goal in mind: how will the farmer benefit from it? Partnering with Davis Instruments, and combining 80-plus years of experience in farming solutions, weather data, and analysis, will directly impact farmers, helping them ease the farming processes, save resources, avoid costly errors, and earn the most out of their hard work. Since the beginning, Pessl Instruments has strived to collaborate where it makes sense for all parties and where there is a clear win, win, win,” explains Gottfried Pessl, CEO and Founder of Pessl Instruments.


Davis Instruments created the personal weather station industry nearly 40 years ago. Today, Davis Instruments is a leading global provider of accurate, durable, and affordable weather instruments and data services for homes, schools, government agencies, and farms. Visit Davis Instruments at World Ag Expo® Online at http://bit.ly/WAE21-DavisInstruments.

For more than 36 years, Pessl Instruments has been offering tools for informed decision-making. A complete range of wireless, solar-powered monitoring systems that supports almost all communication standards roofed under the METOS® brand are available to our clients worldwide. The systems, along with the online platform and mobile application FieldClimate, are applicable in all climate zones and can be used in various industries and for various purposes–from agriculture, both crop production and animal breeding, to smart cities, research, hydrology, meteorology, flood warning and more.