Eco2Mix Experiences Major Growth in Irrigation pH Control

Eco2Mix, Inc. is Providing a Successful Alternative to Outdated pH Control Methods

Fresno, CA: Eco2Mix celebrated their fourth anniversary on January 30, 2021. This milestone resulted in the reflection of the company’s growth since being founded in 2017. Starting with one pilot system treating 114 acres, the company has drastically expanded to now treat over 9,000 acres with 32 pH control systems spread across California. Eco2Mix has diversified its consumer base with two of their systems now controlling the pH of a 228-acre golf course. This is a major move for Eco2Mix on its mission to expand its market and convert consumers from sulfuric acid and sulfur burners to the more efficient and safer alternative of carbonic acid with their systems. 

“We are so proud of our growth. When switching to Eco2Mix pH control systems, customers can see the difference in the plants, soil, efficiency, and safety,” says Waldo Moraga, President at Eco2Mix, Inc.

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:

  • Treating the water pH for more than 29,000 acre-feet in 2020
  • Replacing the use of more than 436,000 gallons of sulfuric acid (6.5M lbs.)
  • Using 1.9M lbs. of carbon dioxide in replacement of toxic sulfuric acid 

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Eco2Mix makes carbonic acid on-site, bringing users a fully automated solution for water pH control. It is 100% sustainable, ecological, safe, and highly efficient. It provides growers with the right water pH while improving soil biology and soil structure, making it a better place to grow food. After only 4 months of adjusting irrigation water from pH 8.0 to pH 6.5, the soil pH decreases by 0.2 pH. Visit them at World Ag Expo® Online at