Electric Tuatara UTV Proves Unbelievable for Rancher

The all-electric, all-steel Tuatara UTV is creating a buzz in the agricultural and outdoorsman communities. Not only does the Tuatara 1500E use clean energy, but it displays extra power in its capacity to work, innovative design, longevity, and low maintenance.

In an interview with local rancher and Tuatara owner, Jim Harding, he demonstrated some of his everyday tasks and favorite Tuatara features.

“I’ve been waiting for years for a better product, one that was more durable, and then an electric Tuatara came out from ZeroNox, and it was an unbelievable experience.” He says, “We use the Tuatara several times a day, if not all day.” There are several positive unexpected features that set the vehicle apart, including a front hauling rack on the hood, a high-capacity rear dump bed, a front utility winch, and more. “I don’t think I’ve seen everything it has so far, but everything it has given me has been unbelievable, well-engineered.”

View Harding’s experience with his Tuatara here.

The electric Tuatara was designed with farmers and ranchers in mind. Co-founder and President of ZeroNox, Robert Cruess, said that they took the toughest UTV and made it electric. The Tuatara was originally developed in New Zealand. ZeroNox, headquartered in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, saw an opportunity to bring this product to the local agricultural community and convert the vehicle to electric, and the demand for this vehicle has since spread. Tuatara vehicles are being distributed throughout the nation and the world. Available in both gas and electric.

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ZeroNox Inc. launches ag and off-road vehicles into the future with the most advanced electric powertrain technology. ZeroNox was founded in 2017 in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley in Porterville, California. ZeroNox began creating solutions for powerful, economical, and renewable clean vehicle technology for the agricultural community, including Tuatara Vehicles. More innovations continue to be developed and spread in popularity.