Faber-Com srl launches new single axis joysticks with cruise control

MAP2/MAS2/MAC2, the electronic manipulators with PWM, voltage or CAN ouputs produced by the Italian company, are now available also with this innovative feature

Poviglio, ITALY: Faber-Com srl is pleased to announce that its one-axis joysticks can now be available also with an integrated cruise control function.

The mentioned manipulators are available with either simple knob or finger joystick and in 3 different models, defined according the output type provided:

  • MAP2 for PWM direct outputs
  • MAS2 for voltage outputs (also for ratiometric Danfoss® valves)
  • MAC2 for CAN bus outputs suitable for CAN Open protocols

The innovation is very simple, but also effective: thanks to a dedicated software and a hardware customization, whenever the joystick’s integrated control card receives a digital input, it will save the current speed and keep it as long as the joystick isn’t moved in the opposite direction.
Thanks to the same digital inputs is also possible to either increase or decrease the saved speed, enabling maximum control of the vehicle speed.

This solution was developed to meet the requirements of a Dutch customer, that was developing an agricultural tractor and need to implement this functionality on its machine, to make planting operations easier and faster.

Video of the application: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKA-cx75WQ0 

The main benefit of the integrated cruise control on Faber-Com’s single axis joystick is obviously the possibility to enable this feature directly inside the manipulator, without needing any further external control card.


About Faber-Com srl: Founded in 1989, Faber-Com is an Italian company specialized in the field of electronics applied to mobile hydraulics.

Its main activity is the design, production and sale of controls for hydraulic machines, such as electronic cards for machine management, joysticks, inclination sensors and integrated control systems.

Its business is focused on solutions the mobile machines, including truck mounted cranes, agricultural machines, aerial platforms, excavators, sweepers, forestry machinery and much more.

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