FarmX Presents Autonomous Navigation without GPS and Complete Farm Management System at 2024 World Ag Expo

Tulare, CA – FarmX, a pioneer in agricultural technology, is excited to announce its public debut
of Perceptive Navigation® vehicle autonomy in live demonstrations at the 2024 World Ag Expo.

FarmX will present autonomous vehicle navigation without GPS or connectivity on vehicles
equipped with Perceptive Navigation®. Unlike traditional GPS-dependent systems, FarmX’s
robotics platform enables intuitive, real-time, high-precision navigation in complex agricultural
environments such as dense foliage, mountainous terrain, adverse weather, and low-visibility

The platform can be licensed for tractors, rovers (UTVs, ATVs) and drones. It can be customized
for a manufacturers’ new product lines or retrofitted to existing vehicle lines.

Perceptive Navigation® Autonomy Kits consist of a system of sensors feeding an on-board AI
compute engine that recognizes and understands features (tree, pole, rock, branch, vine, etc.).
It senses its environment and makes real-time decisions – just like a human would. It accurately
controls and positions vehicle attachments for crop assessment, mowing, scouting, spraying,
and yield estimation. Field mapping and task planning takes minutes, with no pre-mapping or
detailed surveys. Vehicles target their work within 2-cm accuracy.

The kits offer multi-platform support, rapid integration, fast deployment, and overall lower cost
compared to competitors. Perceptive Navigation® is the next generation of autonomous vehicle

FarmX will also present live demos of their in-field monitoring, control, and automation;
mission control; and mobile mission planning. These autonomous farm solutions empower
growers to make data-driven decisions, optimize resource usage, and increase crop yields,
making farms more efficient and profitable.

In its live demonstrations, FarmX highlights its strategic partnerships with industry leaders such
as NVIDIA, Kubota Corp., farm_ng, and Global Electronics Corporation (GEC). These
collaborations demonstrate FarmX’s commitment to an innovative, resilient agricultural
industry that meets the pressing challenges of our time.

FarmX’s long term goal is to facilitate a profitable transition into regenerative agriculture.
FarmX is dedicated to continuous development of farm management solutions that not only
solve immediate challenges but also anticipate and address future problems.

The 2024 World Ag Expo offers a unique opportunity to witness FarmX’s ongoing efforts to
revolutionize agriculture in collaboration with industry leaders. FarmX invites all attendees to
visit its outdoor demo area (U34, U36, U38), to experience live demonstrations and learn more
about FarmX’s exciting vision for the future of farming.


FarmX, Inc. is an agricultural technology company that makes farms more efficient, sustainable,
and profitable, providing dynamic technology solutions for farming’s biggest challenges. They
deliver comprehensive autonomous farm solutions, including:

● In-field sensing and imaging data collection
● Data analysis and visualization powered by AI and predictive algorithms
● Actionable recommendations, scheduling, and controls
● Vehicle autonomy powered by Perceptive Navigation®
● Mission control and mission planning, fleet and operator management
● Automation of tasks like irrigation, scouting, spraying, mowing, and more.

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