Green Source Automation Introduces The RotaryMATE EXPSplus

Green Source Automation introduced the RotaryMATE EXPSplus, a revolutionary advancement in rotary dairy automation.
Jerome, ID – Green Source Automation (“GSA”) announces the release of the new RotaryMATE EXPSplus, a combination dip, clean, stimulate, and wipe dairy automation robot. The RotaryMATE EXPSplus can eliminate two or more labor positions on a rotary dairy at the pre-dip and wipe stations, while achieving speeds up to 4.2 seconds per stall.

According to GSA Sales Manager, Brad Tripp, “We have always worked hard with our clients to advance the possibilities of automation in rotary dairies and this is just the latest example of what’s possible.”

With two successful products already automating the pre-dip and post dip stations, GSA set out to automate another station around the rotary, the wiper position. With some tweaking of their best-in-class RotaryMATE EXPS prepping robot, they have been able to accomplish that goal. The first RotaryMATE EXPSplus installation is milking over 5,600 cows three times per day with only two milkers onsite, at a rate of over 325 cows/man/hour. Animal health and milk quality has continued to trend very positively and the dairy has virtually eliminated laundry costs.

Because the RotaryMATE EXPSplus was built from the existing RotaryMATE platform, dairies can now automate two stations instead of one at almost the same cost, doubling the potential return on investment. Beyond the labor savings and financial advantages of the RotaryMATE EXPSplus lies a consistency in performance that cannot be matched by humans. Consistency leads to healthier, happier and more productive cows.

GSA is also pleased to announce that the new RotaryMATE EXPSplus has been recognized by the 2021 World Ag Expo® as one of the Top-10 New Products of the year. This enthusiasm has been matched by the rapid adoption of the new RotaryMATE EXPSplus by dairies across the country. Click here to see our new dairy robot in action.


Green Source Automation began work in dairy automation over fifteen years ago and is a global leader and innovator in rotary dairy automation. Focusing on highspeed, precision dairy automation, GSA has continued to be the driving force in efficient quality milk production.  With solutions for all size rotaries, GSA is poised to continue to keep up with a rapidly changing dairy industry. The precision and consistency delivered by the RotaryMATES is key to increasing quality milk production. Visit our website to learn more. Visit Green Source Automation at World Ag Expo® Online at