Intelliditch™ Rolling Out Open-Channel HDPE Liners at World Ag Expo®

In response to strong market demand for water management solutions due to the historic drought conditions in the western United States, IntelliDitchTM will roll out at the 2022 World Ag Expo® in Tulare, CA its new, patented open-channel HDPE liners for effective water conservation and stormwater management. 

IntelliDitch’s patented HDPE liners are far more cost-effective than current methods of moving water through concrete ditches or buried PVC pipe. IntelliDitchTM liners conserve more than 95% of all water placed into the system and last for more than twenty years. Customers also receive the added benefit from IntelliDitchTM being an affiliated company to American Leak Detection (ALD), the nationwide leader in minimally invasive leak detection and remediation solutions. With over 150 locations across 46 states, ALD provides IntelliDitch’s customers with installation professionals and preferred rates on complimentary water and wastewater leak detection and repair solutions.  Please visit or contact John Lynn at for an immediate demonstration and preferred pricing during Q1 2022.