KEITH Celebrates 50 Years of WALKING FLOOR® Technology

KEITH Manufacturing Co. was launched in the early 1970s when founder Keith Foster set out to make the lightest, simplest, most trouble-free self-unloading system yet devised. He succeeded and 50 years later, the KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® system is helping customers make their work more efficient and profitable.

While other versions of moving floor technology existed, it was Foster who focused on creating a 100% hydraulic drive unit that was powerful enough to unload a semi-trailer. In 1973, KEITH Manufacturing Co. introduced the first commercially viable moving floor unloading system under the WALKING FLOOR® brand name. Since then, the company has sold more than 90,000 units around the world and holds more than 270 patents.

The company began by providing material handling solutions to the agriculture industry beginning in the 1950s. The agriculture industry was an early adopter of WALKING FLOOR® technology because the WALKING FLOOR® system made trailer unloading easier, safer, and more efficient.

Always innovating, the company quickly expanded its product line, offering WALKING FLOOR® bins for facility applications for seed, cotton, cattle feed, and other agriculture applications. Today, it offers products for everything from ice production to moving pallets.

KEITH Manufacturing Co. remains a family-owned business. WALKING FLOOR® unloading systems are used in a variety of industries internationally to handle bulk and palletized materials. The company designs, machines, fabricates, and assembles nearly 100 percent of the components used in its WALKING FLOOR® systems at its facility in central Oregon.


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