Live Earth Products Can Help Improve Soil Quality and Reduce Fertilizer Loss for Better Crop Yields, and Enhanced ROI

World Ag Expo® booth 3920 & 3921 – Enter for a chance to win 275 Gallons of Liquid Humic Acid!

Tulare, CA — According to researchers at the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics at the University of Illinois, farming costs are projected to stay at record-high levels through 2023.
Since farmers cannot control market-based input fluctuations, they must focus on variables that can make an impact, such as soil health and nutrient use efficiency to maintain profitable operations. Live Earth’s U.S.-mined and manufactured humic and fulvic acid-based products nourish soil by increasing its ability to hold water and retain vital nutrients, thus extending fertilizer life and reducing costs for farmers. Improved soil health is essential for farmers looking to achieve higher yields and profits in 2023. Research shows that humic and fulvic acid not only increase crop yields2, and can also increase the nutrient value3. These benefits help farmers grow higher-quality produce while improving soil health and reducing nutrient loss.

Family-owned Live Earth Products has been mining and manufacturing high-quality humic and fulvic acid-based products for over 30 years. They are top-tier experts on humates for both plants and animals. Visit Live Earth at World Ag Expo® in Tulare, California, from February 14-16, 2023, at booths 3920 & 3921 to learn more about their products and how improved soil health through humate application is the future of farming. Live Earth will also host a giveaway of one 275-gallon tote of liquid humic acid — enough to treat 275 acres at their booth during the Expo.

Live Earth Products will feature the following agricultural inputs at World Ag Expo® 2023:

Live Earth Humate Soil Conditioner: Live Earth Humate Soil Conditioner is an organic soil amendment for use on turf, ornamentals, and crops. Humate is used to help increase organic matter concentration in the soil. Mined from an ancient plant deposit, Humate Soil Conditioner delivers the highest humic acid and organic matter content of all their granular products.

LM-32 AG: (1.5% hydrophobic fulvic acid): LM-32 AG is a cold water-extracted fulvic acid that contains natural organic acids. It is OMRI listed for producers needing NOP-compliant fulvic acid.

Liquid 6: (Humic Acid, 6% HPTA Approved Method): Liquid 6 is liquid humic acid designed for use on turf, ornamentals, and crops. It blends well with most liquid fertilizers and is ideal for improving nutrient uptake, increasing organic matter, and reducing nutrient tie-up in the soil. Liquid 6 is a low-ash content humic acid derived from a mined ancient humic shale that contains both humic and fulvic acids. Liquid 6 is listed for organic production with CDFA, Washington Dept of Ag, and OMRI.

“Our products are designed to deliver a higher ROI by reducing nutrient loss,” said Vice President of Live Earth, Russell Taylor. “In a recent 2021 study by the University of Tennessee, Liquid 6 increased corn yield by 16 bushels per acre compared to nitrogen stabilizer alone. Lowering the urea rate and incorporating Liquid 6 and a nitrogen stabilizer resulted in a $75 increased return per acre on an equal corn yield. Given the current high fertilizer cost, we are excited to offer products that can save farmers money and are easy to source. Live Earth is vertically integrated, reducing possible supply chain issues, based in Utah with fast fulfillment nationally and internationally.”

Meet the humate experts at World Ag Expo® 2023.


Located in Emery, Utah, Live Earth Products, Inc. mines and manufactures humic and fulvic acid-based products. The humic-based ingredients manufactured by Live Earth are used in agriculture, animal feeds, cosmetics, dietary supplements, balneotherapy, bioremediation, organic gardening, and lawn care. Live Earth Products is a family-run business culminating 30+ years of hard work and innovation. Live Earth Products are the choice of organic and conventional buyers. For more information, visit Live Earth online. For media inquiries, contact Christina Madrid at Christie & Co,, by phone at (818) 621-1897, and/or email