Live Earth Soil Conditioners Make Growing Healthy Lawns and Beautiful Gardens Easier

Professional products, trusted by turf experts at Rose Bowl Stadium, now available for homeowners

Creating a lush lawn and vibrant garden spaces starts with healthy soil. Top turf experts and landscape professionals know soil needs essential nutrients for plants to thrive. For years they have counted on amendments from Live Earth Products to condition their soil with natural, organic acids and nutrients, creating premium results. Two professional-quality products are now packaged in new sizes for home gardeners.

The organic acids in Live Earth Products help reinvigorate your lawn and garden soil, providing the minerals and nutrients your plants need. The key ingredient is natural humate. Live Earth humate is sourced from the company’s humic shale mine in Emery, Utah. This ancient plant deposit provides the minerals and organic acids that are vital to soil and plant health. Think of humate as concentrated compost, stable organic acids that build health soil.

“Our products provide an easy way to increase the organic materials in your soil,” says Russell Taylor, Vice President at Live Earth. “These products are especially effective with hard, compacted soils and areas where you need a nutrient boost.”

Gardeners using humates from Live Earth Products tell us they’re effective and easy to use. From improving poor soil conditions, to helping plants thrive in high-stress areas, and creating healthier, greener lawns, these premium products produce results.

Live Earth’s organic soil amendments include both humic and fulvic acid for plants. These ingredients help increase microbial activity and soil fertility, creating the perfect environment for your lawn and landscape. Live Earth humate works to improve soil conditions that can release plant nutrients and conserve water. Humates can also release phosphorous and iron, which develops stronger root systems and ensure a healthy, thriving lawn and garden.

Choose from two premium amendments from Live Earth Products:

Blitz 22 Plus – Premium Liquid Lawn Fertilizer
Blitz 22 Plus from Live Earth is a premium lawn fertilizer. This 22-0-0 formula contains humic acid, three forms of nitrogen, and iron for continuous performance. Originally developed for sports turf, experts at the Rose Bowl Stadium counted on Blitz 22 Plus to create an exceptionally healthy, deep green color for the turf. Now you can bring that same professional quality humic acid lawn fertilizer to your home.

Blitz 22 Plus combines organic acids and fertilizers in one complete liquid product. It comes premixed and ready to attach to the end of your garden hose. Each 32 oz. bottle covers 800 – 1,000 sq. ft. of lawn. Do not use undiluted.

Humate Soil Conditioner – Now available in 15- and 50-pound bags
Humate Soil Conditioner from Live Earth features 100% granulated humic shale ore direct from our mine in Utah. This organic soil additive provides micronutrients, minerals, and organic acids needed to develop healthy lawn and garden soils.

Trusted by turf and landscape professionals at the Rose Bowl Stadium and around the globe, our Humate Soil Conditioner adds humic acid to your soil, creating the perfect environment for your lawn, trees, flowers, vegetables, and gardens to grow and thrive. This natural and organic soil additive is OMRI listed and safe for pets and kids.

All three Live Earth products can be purchased on Amazon and at select garden centers.


Located in Emery, Utah, Live Earth Products, Inc. mines and manufactures humic acid and fulvic acid-based products. The humic-based ingredients manufactured by Live Earth are used in many industries including agriculture, animal feeds, cosmetics, dietary supplements, balneotherapy, bioremediation, organic gardening, and lawn care. Live Earth Products are world-renowned for superior quality and are used in both organic and conventional applications. Visit to learn more about our humate and mineral products. Visit Live Earth Products at World Ag Expo® Online at