Making dairy farming more profitable with OZOLEA’s simple, safe, economic and innocuous solutions

OZOLEA is showing up in the USA to support American dairy farmers in what they care most: make their dairy farms more profitable and their cows healthier.

Many have been the opportunities for OZOLEA to discover the US dairy sector in 2020. OZOLEA started with the last edition of the World Ag Expo® and after that it has constantly (and virtually) been walking all around the United States. This year, there is a great opportunity that allows OZOLEA to reduce distances, despite the pandemic, and to be in the US again: the 2021 World Ag Expo® Online!

OZOLEA looks forward to talking with any of you for many reasons. First of all, it was founded by dairy farmers who became passionate researchers and has dedicated their effort to create brand-new and innovative solutions specifically designed for livestock production. These solutions are products and protocols that help farmers using less antibiotics in their farms, with many beneficial effects: first of all, a lot of milk is not discarded. This means that dairy farmers can make more income by reducing costs associated with antibiotic treatments, saving milk, improving cows’ udder and uterus health, animal welfare as well. But not discarding milk also corresponds to a better use of feed, water and other resources for production.

Looking at the future, humanity and livestock farming are facing a big, hard challenge: antibiotic resistance. It is really hindering the ability of the world of research to provide new effective active substances. Providing alternative solutions that permit antibiotics to exert efficaciously their action is one of the key arms to defeat antibiotic resistance. OZOLEA is completely aware that dairy farmers are at the forefront of this fight: they must not be left alone. Therefore, OZOLEA calls to action the world of research and institutions: producing safer and nutritious food while allowing dairy production to shine even brighter is something that we can do together.

OZOLEA has a lot to discuss with each of you: come to visit us at our digital exhibit space. You will not go away empty-handed!


OZOLEA was founded in 2016 by a team of Italian passionate researchers, who were born dairy farmers and still put lot of effort into supporting the livestock production with innovative and simple solutions. The project is a cutting-edge answer to the hard challenge the whole world is now facing: antimicrobial resistance (AMR). OZOLEA is at the forefront in this fight, aiming at a substantial reduction of the use of antibiotics in food producing animals.

OZOLEA designed different solutions specifically for livestock producers, solutions that fit into a rational and proactive livestock management. Each solution has to be implemented alongside good farming practices. All of these solutions are purely based on a simple principle: putting nature against nature. The innovative bio-engineering technology has been developed by OZOLEA in the last twenty years of research and is crucial to give innocuous, safe, sustainable and effective tools to farmers. OZOLEA commits to the economic, environmental, social sustainability of livestock production for humans, for animals, for the environment.

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