Native Microbials Launches Galaxis™ Frontier to Shake Up the Dairy Industry

The only product made with a consortium of live microbes that are native to the cow’s rumen.

San Diego, CA — Native Microbials today announced the launch of Galaxis Frontier, a next-generation solution for dairy cows. Galaxis Frontier is the first product made of a naturally occurring rumen microbial consortia, which helps cows optimize digestion for more energy production.

“The dairy supplement space has lacked innovation for years, with most products comprised of dead or irrelevant microbes,” said Mallory Embree, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer at Native Microbials. “The science used to develop Galaxis Frontier is unrivaled, and we’re extremely excited about the potential for this product to deliver a substantial ROI to dairy farmers.”

Scientists at Native Microbials analyzed the rumen content of thousands of dairy cows and identified four keystone microbes that are highly correlated with high-producing cows. These organisms are preserved and encapsulated using patented technology that ensures they are delivered to the cow alive without the need for on-farm refrigeration.

Galaxis Frontier has been trialed at several academic and CRO facilities, including the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Michigan State University, the University of Florida, South Dakota State University, Cornell University, and DairyExperts in Tulare, CA. Embree stated, “The product trials are demonstrating that the rumen microbes in Galaxis Frontier have a repeated ability to significantly optimize dairy cow digestion, which leads to big value for the dairyman. Results will be published later this year.”

Galaxis Frontier is now available. For more information about this novel product, visit


About Native Microbials: Native Microbials is a biotechnology company that harnesses the power of the microbiome to improve animal health, productivity, and sustainability. The company uses advanced microbiology and data science methods to develop next-generation microbial solutions for a variety of animal species. With headquarters in San Diego, Native Microbials maintains multiple field and production operations worldwide. Visit to learn more.