Precision Irrigation Leader’s Innovative Irrigation Filter Protects Systems Against Clogging, Features Hyper Modular Design and a Smart Controller 

Fresno, CANetafim USA, a subsidiary of Netafim Ltd. – the global leader of precision irrigation solutions – announced the U.S. debut of its new AlphaDisc™ filter, a revolutionary new filter designed to protect irrigation systems against clogging caused by organic contaminants. Netafim will exhibit AlphaDisc and its suite of precision irrigation solutions at the World Ag Expo® in Tulare, Calif. from February 8 to February 10, 2022. 

AlphaDisc, researched and developed in partnership with Amiad, a global leader in producing water treatment and filtration solutions, provides the ultimate in irrigation system protection. Its key features include:

  • High efficiency, precise depth filtration. A unique and improved disc design with precise filtration grade through all depths of the disc allow for better clogging protection.
  • High dirt-holding capacity. High filtration volume and area, coupled with the lowest head loss in the industry, ensures higher particle capture, fewer backflush cycles, and less downstream disruption. 
  • Hyper modular design. Its unique modular design offers easy scalability as growers’ needs evolve. 
  • Low backflush flow rate and low head loss. This results in a significantly more cost-effective irrigation system.
  • AlphaDisc smart controller. The filter includes an innovative controller with an IP65 rating that provides “always-on” access to filtration data. 
  • Vertical installation. AlphaDisc is thoughtfully designed to have a smaller footprint for cost-effectiveness. 
  • Multiple configurations. AlphaDisc offers inline, online, and angle configuration (single unit) that can be easily adapted to any system. 
  • Made from anti-corrosive materials. Netafim products are designed to be durable and long-lasting. 

Due to the ongoing deterioration of irrigation water quality from climate change, pollution, and reclaimed water, growers have an increasing need for effective filtration. To protect their irrigation systems for long-term performance, AlphaDisc is a vital resource to help them improve growing conditions, reduce the risk of clogging and increase crop yields. 

“The U.S. launch of AlphaDisc is a significant milestone in our company history. Not only does it represent a new generation of technology and innovation, it also comes at a uniquely challenging period for our grower community. Resource availability continues to be challenged as do cropping patterns and cultural practices. It is our mission here and around the world, to provide growers with the resources to monitor and control their most valuable resources while maximizing their return on investment,” said Mike Hemman, President and CEO, Netafim USA. 

“The World Ago Expo is one of the most important platforms in the world for irrigation companies to showcase their solutions and communicate directly with growers, channel partners, legislators, and other key decision-makers who play a role in supporting the agriculture industry. We are thrilled to have a presence at the show and look forward to engaging audiences and continuing this important discussion,” added Hemman. 

“Up to 70 percent of water used for agriculture is surface water from reservoirs, lakes, canals, and ponds, which contain algae and other organic contaminants that increase the risk of clogging. AlphaDisc helps growers adapt to ever-changing conditions that affect their water supply while remaining productive, which is a sustainable and reliable approach,” said Chuck Bates, Vice President, Products & Agronomy, Netafim USA. “We want to ensure that we continue to arm growers with the best resources to do their job well while also planning for the unexpected.”

“Offering growers in the U.S. an intelligent automated filter that counters degrading water quality is a point of pride for our company,” said Mike Illia, Senior Product Manager, Netafim USA. “It reinforces our credibility and overall commitment to grow more with less while also being a leading manufacturer in an industry that requires innovative thinking and futuristic planning for the benefit of our growers.”

AlphaDisc will be available for sale in the U.S. in Spring 2022. 

On February 9, Netafim will host a Tech Talk series covering some of their precision irrigation solutions. 

  • AlphaDisc™ Filtration Technology – Mike Illia, Senior Product Manager, Netafim USA (1:00pm)
  • FlexNet™ Flexible Pipe – Kerri Birdwell, Product Manager, Netafim USA (1:30pm)
  • Uniram™ XRS – Domonic Rossini, Team Leader Agronomy West, Netafim USA & Justin Evans, Product Manager, Netafim USA (2:00pm)
  • Sprinkler Solutions – Justin Evans, Product Manager, Netafim USA (2:30pm)

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