New high-performance multi-parameter soil and substrate sensor at a new price point

The new digital WET150 Sensor measures soil moisture, temperature, and electrical conductivity (EC), and is the product of over 40 years’ development expertise. Through a series of recent design innovations, it delivers a research-grade level of quality at a price point not previously possible. These technical breakthroughs mean that growers can now integrate an accurate and rugged sensor into their irrigation control systems at a lower cost.

The WET150 offers an SDI-I2-enabled solution for real-time monitoring of growing conditions. SDI-12 is an interface for connecting digital sensors to an SDI-12 master device such as a logger or irrigation controller. A key strength of SDI-12 is that it supports the connection of up to 62 sensors to a single input on a compatible device.

The WET150 boasts a 5-year warranty and its patented electronics ensure high levels of measurement accuracy with exceptional salinity and temperature stability – essential for critical control and irrigation applications.

A key strength of the WET150 is its ability to reliably calculate pore water conductivity (ECp), which is the ion content of the water available to the plant. When the WET150 is buried, temperature measurements (essential for compensating EC measurements) are taken down in the root zone, optimizing the precision of readings.

Installed in grow bags or soil, the WET150 can provide the high-quality data required to power effective SDI-12 automated irrigation systems. The watertight build of the WET150 also makes it ideal for use in field agriculture. For portable use, the sensor is available in the kit form alongside an instant readout meter and carry case – enabling growers to take regular spot checks of growing conditions at strategic points throughout their greenhouses.

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