New Hoof Trimming Apron Options

Rosemount, MN – Udder Tech, Inc. announces new line of aprons specifically for hoof trimmers.

Hoof trimmers are an important asset to keeping your herd moving. With their specialized trade we have designed gear just with them in mind.

We now offer three hoof trimming apron options. The hoof glue trimming apron is a shorter apron made with waterproof fabric. It stays out of the way when bending but keeps you clean and dry. The hoof knife trimming apron has many pocket options to hold your hoof knives. With the crisscross back design, it remains comfortable even when holding many knives. The hoof trimming chaps, made with waterproof fabric protects your legs and covers your body. There are two hoof knife pockets on the chest.

Along with these new aprons you can find our remote holsters, waterproof bibbed overalls and many other workwear options for various jobs.

For more information regarding these new product offerings, visit or call 888-438-8683.


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