New Product Announcement: The NEW Dual XL Hutch

Sidney, Nebraska — Life is a balancing act. We in the Dairy Industry have to be mindful of our marketplace. Many purchasers of calf housing products prefer calves to be raised and prosper in an enhanced environment. Agri-Plastics has taken the lead in producing such a housing system. We have balanced cost-effectiveness and growth efficiency using a companionship platform.

Some producers have tried pairing calves by putting two smaller hutches side by side and joining them with one large fence and a removable center fence panel. The problem with this method is that both calves end up using only one hutch, and it isn’t large enough for both calves. The other hutch goes empty as the calves prefer to be near each other.

The new Dual XL hutch addresses this problem. The Dual XL Hutch boasts a larger inside growing area to achieve this efficiency and comfort. Our Dual XL Hutch supplies the space that allows calves to co-mingle at a young age. Buddying two calves in one hutch promotes companionship and competitiveness, which research has proven to help achieve optimal growth.

Efficient growth = positive ROI. Couple these benefits with one of the best warranties in the industry and get a winning combination with the Dual XL Hutch.

Benefits of paired calf housing:
• Having two calves in one hutch, or the Buddy System, has many advantages. Benefits include reduced weaning distress, faster weight gain, promotion of solid feed intake, increased socialization, and minimized cross-suckling.
• This newer size works well for farms that want to use the Buddy System but want a more affordable and space-efficient housing option.
• Initial studies have shown that calves raised together stay together even into adulthood. Because the two calves learn from each other, they learn to eat, they get stronger in a shorter amount of time, and transition into a group herd with less stress and better socialization.
• Both farmers and calves benefit. Feeding and watering two calves in one station saves time. Housing two calves in one station saves money. Calves grow faster and overall health and development are improved.

The Dual XL Hutch is available in both the Deluxe and Rancher options:

Deluxe Dual XL Calf Hutch: AGRI-1047
Includes: 2 Side Doors, 4 Pails, 2 Double Pail Holders, Top Vent, Rear 3-In-1 Door, and 3 Rear Airflow Vents.
Options: 2 Upper Rear Airflow Vents, Optional Side Bedding Doors, and Front Bottle Feeding.

Dual XL Calf Hutch Rancher System: AGRI-1047R
Includes: Top Vent, 3-In-1 Rear Door, 3 standard Rear Airflow Vents.
Options: 2 Rear Upper Rear Airflow Vents, Optional Side Bedding Doors, and 2 Fencing options (Wire Fence and Supreme Fence).

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About Agri-Plastics: The VanBuuren family founded Agri-Plastics in 1995. These third-generation dairymen know first-hand the difficulties experienced on a dairy farm. They began experimenting with hutch designs to provide healthier, more comfortable environments for calves. Over the years, Agri-Plastics has listened and learned from many other producers, and they have used that knowledge to create game-changing innovations that have since become industry standards.