Next-Gen BURRO – Generation 7

In 2020, fleets of Burro’s supported California Table Grape Growers across the state. In each case, Burro’s worked side-by-side with table grape crews six days a week, in paid commercial use, autonomously carrying grapes over 8,500 miles collectively. In this use, growers saw 15-50% productivity gains when using Burro in a modified field pack, or central pack format. Every lesson from Burro’s first full year i n commercial use
has been incorporated into our Gen 7 Burro.

A people-scale platform, that is modular and expandable, has enormous potential to deliver ever-more-expansive autonomy where it is needed most. Burros are used for in-field transportation today, but can also now perform tasks such as towing trailers, crop scouting/data collection, application of UV-C treatment, and in time, unlock higher dexterity tasks such as picking and pruning.

Today Augean Robotics is on a mission to solve the labor problem facing farmers by making collaborative robots a reality. To do this, they are starting first with a collaborative robotic platform called Burro, that helps people work more productively, while building the base for more expansive autonomy where it is needed most. Autonomy in the field starts with people-scale collaborative robots, and expands from there. The company believes this is the path towards a future where farming is fully autonomous.

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