Nutrient Technologies Celebrates 35 Years in the San Joaquin Valley

Dinuba, CA – ‪ In 1986, three colleagues set out to build a company where each of their contributions mattered and where all employees would be valued. As such, Nutrient Technologies was born and over the next 35 years, the company grew exponentially. Their specialty fertilizers, TECH-FLO and TECH-SPRAY have become a staple in agricultural spray programs throughout the U.S., Mexico, Costa Rica, Australia and Turkey.

“Our company is celebrating thirty-five years, but I feel like we are just getting started,” says Chris Reimche, Production and Facility Manager of twenty-five years. “We are genuinely proud of the innovations that went into TECH-FLO and have continued our rigorous R&D protocols to launch new classes of products. This is a really exciting time for Nutrient Technologies and our customers.”

Teamwork and employee contributions remain the backbone of the company, and the in-house plant nutrition expertise and chemistry knowledge have quickened the development and launch of new bio-based fertilizers like NERI and ROOTERRA.

 “We have always focused on products that are safe, effective, and easy to use. Our new biostimulants and soil health products have been received well in the market because we make sure the products are backed by science and are of the highest quality,” says Dan Skoczylas, Director of Sales and Marketing.  “In the end, we are still here because of our customers.  We are fully vested in seeing them succeed, knowing that our success will follow.”

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About Nutrient Technologies, Inc. Nutrient Technologies focuses on the development and marketing of advanced specialty plant nutrition products and programs for crops. Nutrient Technologies continually strives to improve its foliar nutrition technology to meet the exacting demands of today’s quality-conscious growers. Discover how our TECH-FLO, TECH-SPRAY, TECH-GRO, and now NERI lines of foliar products that can be targeted to treat specific nutrient deficiencies or influence nuances of fruit quality