Optimizing Irrigation by Data-Driven Decisions

Aachen, Germany – The optimal timing and amount of irrigation not only depends on the weather and the phenological phase of the crop but also on the amount of water the crop lost through evapotranspiration, the conditions of the soil, and its current moisture status in the root zone, the amount of water that is available for irrigation and several other factors. To make the best possible decisions on the complex task of irrigation, growers need as much information as possible about the crop, the environment, and other influencing factors. Via data-based decisions, they can optimize crop and yield, and save water and energy, while better managing the use of pesticides and fertilizers. This allows growers to get the best results in the most efficient way.

In order to support growers with their irrigation management, the experts on environmental monitoring HyQuest Solutions and KISTERS are launching their new product line with sensors and software for agriculture. The toolbox for building an irrigation monitoring network consists of professional weather sensors and soil moisture sensors, data loggers for automatic data transfer at affordable costs, and the cloud-based software datasphere for viewing and analyzing the measured data anytime on PCs, smartphones, or tablets.

With the new monitoring network, the grower knows what is happening in his fields 24/7 and at any location. He can see the measured data in the datasphere software in real-time, derive meaningful information, and consequently, plan and schedule irrigation in the most efficient way.

Internet of Things for Irrigation

The newest network technology integrates HyQuest Solutions’ weather sensors, soil moisture sensors, and other sensor types as well as sensors from 3rd party providers into an Internet of Things. In addition, any other data that is useful for irrigation decisions (like weather forecasts) can be integrated. The datasphere software combines all data and gives growers a comprehensive picture of the status of their fields.

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