Quick Joints fittings: the new generation of feed-through fittings

QJ® is the quick push-in fitting polypropylene (PP) coupling, for tanks and containers in PE, steel tanks, fuel tanks and IBC containers to store and transport water and fluids. Benefits compared to a traditional tank connection:

The QJ® is push-fitted exclusively from the outside of the wall making it unnecessary to work on both sides of the tank wall. The QJ® fittings can also fit all plastic or steel tanks for storing liquids, with a thickness between 2 and 10 mm.

The reduced male female version is the ideal solution for inserting rigid internal suction pipes or external taps with a male thread.

It is possible to push-fit the QJ® in just three seconds from the outside of the tank and with the commitment of a single operator.

The large variety of materials is matched by a wide range of sizes, from 3/8 of an inch to two inches, with male or female threads. The techno-polymers used and the different types of gaskets allow for use of these fittings in the automotive sector, for shaped tanks, for oil and diesel.

The QJ® fittings, thanks to the gasket adaptable to the surface of the hole and variable in its cross-section, also guarantee water tightness on irregular walls with variations in thickness. They are the optimal solution for the maintenance and replacement of faulty metal inserts, guaranteeing maximum tightness reliability.


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