Rain Bird Agriculture Receives Back-to-Back Top-10 New Product Win at 2023 World Ag Expo®

Azusa, CA Rain Bird, a leader in agricultural irrigation solutions, will be attending the 2023 World Ag Expo® in Tulare, California, February 14-16, 2023, to showcase its Top-10 New Product winner and feature its agricultural irrigation products that are designed to be durable, rugged and consistent, proving to be the most water-efficient solutions available to growers.

Rain Bird’s S5 Pressure Compensating Heavywall Dripline won a World Ag Expo® 2023 Top-10 New Product award, making Rain Bird a back-to-back winner. This product also claimed a top innovation award for product development in agriculture from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers and the Irrigation Association. S5 Pressure Compensating Heavywall Dripline features Smart Spacing, which allows growers to specify repeating patterns of variable spacing between emitters, helping to conserve water by delivering it directly to where it is needed and not the areas in between. This product reduces input costs by saving water, energy, labor, and fertilizer in addition to minimizing chemical consumption.

“We are honored that S5 Pressure Compensating Heavywall Dripline has been recognized as a winner in ag innovation this year,” said Greg Palumbo, Rain Bird Agriculture Director, “Our company is committed to helping growers use water more efficiently to maximize yield. S5 can save growers upward of 25% in irrigation costs. Stop by our booth at World Ag Expo to see our installation on the history of the impact sprinkler, our legacy in agriculture, and our new innovations like S5 Dripline and the next generation of our LFX Sprinklers.”

In their interactive booth space at the 2023 World Ag Expo®, Rain Bird will be celebrating 90 years of serving the agriculture community, featuring the evolution of its iconic sprinklers and showcasing a live orchard featuring the award-winning S5 Pressure Compensating Heavywall Dripline. Attendees will also have the chance to experience the next-generation LFX Sprinkler which features a newly enhanced and sealed brake mechanism to ensure controlled rotation and protect the sprinkler from debris, grit, and insect intrusion.

Visit Rain Bird at the World Ag Expo in booth I35 or visit rainbird.com/agriculture for more information.