Ramsay Highlander & Carbon Neutral Ag Sciences to Exhibit Next-Gen Water-Saving, Fertilizer-Saving Soil Amendment at World Ag Expo®

Fort Myers, FL – Ramsay Highlander, distributor for Carbon Neutral Ag Sciences will be attending the World Ag Expo® 2023 in Tulare, CA from February 14-16, 2023 at Booth M35. Attendees can learn more about BountiGel®, the company’s next-generation, water-saving, fertilizer-reducing, yield-improving soil amendment.

BountiGel is an eco-friendly, super-absorbent soil amendment that holds large amounts of water in the root zone. Its patented double cross-linked structure and superior mechanical strength allow it to repeatedly absorb and release water to the root system for up to three years until it safely biodegrades. BountiGel, which comes in granular or powdered form, is added to the soil with traditional equipment and remains in the root zone, keeping the root zone moist between irrigations, and preventing fertilizer and other nutrients from migrating away. Extensive University and commercial experience has proven that this routinely improves yields, with less water and less fertilizer, and can also improve transplant success. With fertilizer costs being extremely high, and with water availability always an issue, BountiGel directly addresses agriculture’s two most pressing issues.

Carbon Neutral Ag Sciences is introducing BountiGel to growers across a wide variety of row crops, tree crops, and grasses. Six years of field testing have generated results that are so convincing that the company is currently running a test with the University of Arizona to successfully grow crops in previously unproductive, sandy soil. CEO Paul Goldberg stated, “We believe that there is a huge global opportunity to turn unproductive land into fertile farmland with the help of BountiGel.”

Carbon Neutral Ag Sciences is actively forming relationships with growers, agronomists, and distributors globally. The company welcomes the opportunity to meet with World Ag Expo attendees and discuss how incorporating BountiGel can have a significant, positive impact on their business.


Based in Fort Myers FL, Carbon Neutral Ag Sciences specializes in the application of science to create innovative products which address current challenges in agriculture. Using advanced, proprietary chemistry, the company manufactures BountiGel® a non‐toxic, next-generation soil amendment that allows growers worldwide to improve yields while reducing water and fertilizer usage. The company is also exploring water management technology applications beyond traditional crops, such as seed treatments, solutions to soil erosion, and municipal and consumer applications. The company’s vision is to promote economic and environmental sustainability in agriculture. For more information, visit CarbonNeutralAgSciences.com.