Reduce Driver Strains, Sprains and Other Dangers with KEITH CleenSweep® System

An aging workforce presents several challenges for the transport industry, not the least of which is preventing injuries that can cut a driver’s career—or even their life—short. Some haulers require drivers to enter the trailer to manipulate a manual tarp for cleanout. This places the driver at risk of falling from the trailer or being buried by the load. Automating the trailer clean-out process with the KEITH® CleenSweep® tarp system keeps drivers out of the trailer, eliminating these risks. 

Used in conjunction with a KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® self-unloading system, the CleenSweep® tarp system “sweeps” out the residual material as the trailer unloads. Powered by a winch system, the CleenSweep® tarp extends down the inside of the trailer, with the load resting on the top of the tarp. As the WALKING FLOOR® system unloads the trailer, the weight of the material pulls the tarp along the floor, cleaning it as it goes. Once the unloading is completed, the CleenSweep® tarp is retracted at the push of a button.

With the CleenSweep® tarp, driver productivity and safety increase because drivers can quickly get back on the road and never need to enter the trailer for sweeping. Using the CleenSweep® tarp system is up to ten minutes faster than sweeping the trailer with a broom. 

A clean trailer also offers several benefits. Payload cross contamination from one load to the other is minimized. KEITH offers electric, hydraulic and pneumatic versions of the CleenSweep winch system, depending upon your need.

The WALKING FLOOR® system serves as the flooring of a trailer and is a self-unloading system. This “moving floor” unloader is made of a series of floor slats, which are powered by a hydraulic drive. As the floor cycles through its phases, material can be loaded or unloaded.


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