Season Two Of The Emmy® Nominated Show, American Grown: My Job Depends On Ag Premieres On Valley PBS

Fresno, CA – Valley PBS will air the second season of the hit agriculture series, “American Grown: My Job Depends on Ag,” this Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. on Valley PBS.

The series is an unbiased, in-depth look at the issues that inspired the Facebook group, “My Job Depends on Ag.” The group quickly turned into a member-driven movement through its popular decals. Moreover, group conversations hoped to secure a more positive image and outlook on the agriculture industry. “American Grown: My Job Depends on Ag” captures these conversations and stories of how agriculture touches us all far beyond the table – from the clothes we wear, the water we drink, and the roof over our heads.

Wednesday’s episode kicks off on the Klamath Water War happening in northern California and Oregon. It features a long-time battle over water in the Klamath Basin with farmers, local Native American tribes, and environmentalists coming together to find a solution.

Additional episodes in the second season of the American Grown: My Job Depends on Ag series include:

  • COVID-19 and the Food Supply Chain – an in-depth look at how the COVID-19 pandemic caused the food supply chain to be interrupted.
  • Future Farmers of America and Distance Learning – 4-H, FFA students and teachers from two Valley school systems adapt to distance-learning in the era of COVID-19.
  • Hemptopia – What is hemp? We explore farmers adding hemp to their portfolio and the ups and downs they’re facing.
  • Creek Fire and Forest Management – The 2020 Creek Fire was the largest single wildfire in California history. Climate change, forest management, and the timber industry are explored to find the answers to why it spread so quickly.
  • Fresno Irrigation District Turns 100 – A look back at how this historic water irrigation district and how it was formed.
  • Madera Wine Trail – Madera County is often overlooked as a rich wine-producing region, although two of the state’s best winemakers call this wine-making region home.
  • Busy Bees – The importance of bees to our food supply are often overlooked and misunderstood.
  • Women in Ag – A local poultry rancher becomes a celebrity in the world of gourmet chickens. A career nurse changes course to become a goat farmer making renowned cheeses.
  • Cattlefornia – Legendary cattlemen like Mike Urrutia are memorialized and the cattle industry is examined through his journey.

“Too often, people forget about or don’t understand the most essential industry on Earth is agriculture. Farmers, ranchers and growers work very hard to feed us all. The challenges they face are real and the passion they have is undying – their stories deserve to be told and honored,” says Executive Producer, Jeff Aiello of 18Thirty Entertainment.

Special thanks to sponsors GAR Bennett, Brandt, James G. Parker Insurance Associates, Valley Air Conditioning and Repair, UnWired Broadband, Hodges Electric and Golden State Farm Credit for making this show possible.


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