Spraycision Unveils State-of-the-Art Orchard Sensor System

Madison, WI – Spraycision will present at World Ag Expo®, taking place at Tulare, CA on February 14-16, 2023.

Spraycision is all about precision in spray application. It is an advanced-level sensing technology that retrofits onto conventional orchard sprayers and automatically actuates nozzles on/off by detecting crop architecture in millimeter resolution via emitting and receiving light beams with LiDAR technology. It only sprays the tree canopy and avoids non-target areas, which reduces the chemical costs for farmers but also provides an environmentally friendly solution for spraying applications by decreasing water, chemical, and fuel usage as well as reducing overall application time due to fewer tank refills.

Increasing pest and disease pressures urge specialty crop farmers to spray orchards more frequently than ever before to grow marketable products. Expenditures on agricultural chemicals, which range from $300-$1500 per acre, water shortage, and environmental degradation have been serious issues with traditional methods for orchard growers. With 10-33% savings in chemicals and water as well as 15-25% savings in labor costs, Spraycision provides a sustainable future for orchard farmers and nursery owners.

To date, Spraycision has been offered to several target customers. Positive feedback and satisfaction coming from the two early adopters that used Spraycision to spray olive trees are very promising. According to one of them, who owns 33,000+ olive trees, Spraycision already paid itself off in two spray operations within a year in fungicide applications.

Spraycision exists for one reason: “To Stop Overspray!”.


To learn more about Spraycision, contact Dervis Gursoy at 608.358.3573 or dervis.gursoy@spraycision.com. Or, visit them at World Ag Expo® in Corteva Agriscience Center 3414.