The importance of leveraging agricultural best practices, advanced breeding techniques, and region specific trailing data in hemp

Salinas, CA – Kola Seed, LLC is trialing and distributing premium hemp seed genetics to growers and processors, in 2021. 

Applying hemp trialing and market data, Kola Seed helps you source the best hemp seed genetics for your region and target market. Our varieties field performance and overall quality, impress both growers and processors alike. 

Sourcing the right genetics with trusted partners and credible data, has become increasingly important. 

“Since the passage of the Farm Bill Act in 2018, the hemp industry and marketplace are evolving at a very fast pace, yet the supply chain has lacked consistency and the seed variety quality at an affordable price. Kola Seed has established breeders and agronomists to supply producers with high-quality seed genetics that are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes,” said George Workman, Founder of Kola Seed.

An important differentiator for Kola Seed is emphasis on their breeding and hemp trialing program. The model was built to generate more field data and therefore credibility within the industry. 

For growers looking to cultivate in 2021, Kola Seed has a team of experts who are ready to be your dependable partners in hemp.

Kola Seed is hosting a free webinar: Avoiding Costly Cultivation Mistakes on 2/15/2021. Learn more about prevention by planning and items to consider when looking for a quality seed supplier and appropriate seed genetics for your specific needs and plan. Sign up at or visit


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