TITUS Wastewater Solutions: Strategic Relocation to Support Future Growth

Business Incentives & Central Location Attract Environmental Manufacturing Company, TITUS Wastewater Solutions, to Casper, WY

Casper, WY – June 15, 2022, marked TITUS Wastewater Solutions’ official relocation of its headquarters, manufacturing, and fabrication facility to centrally located Casper, WY, to serve its market throughout the nation better. This move provides TITUS room for continued growth as they expand their wastewater manufacturing and distribution across North America.

TITUS Wastewater Solutions has a legacy of producing quality products. For thirty-four years, Lewis Titus gained hands-on, practical field experience as a millwright and pipeline maintenance technician, and during his time, Lewis specialized in corrosion control. With the help of his wife, Jeane’e Titus, who worked in various customer service and management roles throughout her career, the Tituses captured an opportunity, and they launched their own company, TITUS Industrial Sealants in 2000. In 2004 their company progressed into TITUS Industrial Group, Inc., with their facility based in Prineville, Oregon. The Tituses traveled the west coast and Pacific Northwest, offering solutions for the pipeline and wastewater industry with products to address corrosion, leaking, infiltration, and inflow.

The formation of TITUS Industrial Group attracted Solmax (formally known as GSE), and TITUS began representing HDPE liners from California to Colorado. They also became a manufacturer’s representative for ductile iron frames and covers. In 2008, TITUS continued to diversify, adding mixing aerators to the distribution product line.

Simultaneously, while building a solid product distribution business, Lewis Titus designed and trademarked the TITUS TwistLift locking mechanism for composite manhole covers, catching the attention of the expanding composite manhole industry. In 2010, TITUS transitioned from selling ductile iron frames and covers and became the west coast distributor for a new line of composite manhole frames and covers incorporating the TITUS TwistLift Lock and manufactured by East Jordan Ironworks (EJ Co.). Through this diversification, TITUS began work with public works agencies, industrial customers, civil engineers, contractors, and precast concrete manufacturers, providing new technologies, better construction techniques, and solving problems from the top of a manhole to the wastewater treatment plant. Developing a quality product and growing experience gave Lewis a reputation as an industry expert. His field knowledge, passion for the business, and drive to provide viable solutions to his customers set TITUS apart from its competition.

In 2016, Lewis began to develop a more durable, effective, and robust mixing aerator product. Lewis and Jeane’e were introduced to Todd Brason, an entrepreneur, private investor, and business strategist, through a mutual industry connection. Todd was intrigued by the wastewater industry and the opportunity to support the development of a product that addressed various wastewater issues. TITUS and Brason joined forces, merged their organization, and opened an east coast office in Buffalo, NY. This merger launched the TITUS® Twister® Mixing Aerator and created jobs, expanding their team of Fabrication/Assembly Technicians to manufacture the aerator. The need for national distribution became evident, and TITUS brought on a Director of Business Development to oversee the building of a robust distribution network.

Over the next two years, the TITUS® Twister® design was finalized and patented in both the US and Canada. TITUS’s distributor network was established to educate and supply local markets throughout North America. As an organization, TITUS strived to source local materials for the fabrication of the TITUS® Twister® and provided a product truly made in the USA.

Like most other companies, 2020 presented the TITUS team with challenges. Despite restrictions, shutdowns, and hurdles, Lewis seized the opportunity to focus on developing the next TITUS product. By mid-2021, the TITUS® Twister®-FL Floating Mixing Aerator, based on the original TWISTER patented technology, was ready for testing and pilot studies. Where the original TITUS® Twister® Mixing Aerator has use in pump stations, lift stations, and wet wells to address odors, fats, oils, greases, corrosion, and blockages, the TITUS® Twister®-FL is a product for lagoons and large tanks to aerate, minimize sludge, combat odors, and improve algae issues. With the development of the Twister®-FL, TITUS integrated new design ideas and enhanced safety, durability, efficiency, and effectiveness over other products on the market.

As a result of the developing TITUS distributor network and growing product demands, the TITUS team understood they needed to make significant changes. Strategic planning for current and anticipated progress pointed towards the need for more space, a more centralized location, and a better business-friendly environment.

In late 2021, TITUS began to investigate various places for a potential relocation. With the help of their daughter, Kristy Titus, Jeane’e and Lewis were pointed toward Wyoming. Kristy connected with Governor Gordon while attending a hunt hosted in Wyoming. As a steward of business and Wyoming, Governor Gordon promoted the advantages of relocation and doing business in the state, which aligned with TITUS’ strategy to expand their business.

While looking into relocation within Wyoming, Lewis discovered Casper, which provided the central location, space, and incentives they needed for a centrally located headquarters. Connecting with Advance Casper, Natrona County’s Economic Development Organization, helped to recognize the mutual advantages for TITUS and the community should TITUS choose to relocate to Casper.
Casper checked off many of the boxes for TITUS. Casper’s central location within the United States, with easy access to various transportation methods, would allow TITUS to feed its distributor network efficiently. Economically and fiscally, the state of Wyoming and the community of Casper provided incentives that would permit the affordable expansion of TITUS. The region is well-equipped with a robust supply chain of many of the raw materials and services used to fabricate TITUS products.

“The people we met were incredibly warm, extremely supportive, and presented a very livable, diverse, and welcoming community,” said Jean’e Titus, after several trips to Casper.

With newfound relationships and business opportunities supported by local banking and legal services, Lewis and Jeane’e secured a deal to purchase an attractive commercial property, which is now the headquarters of TITUS Wastewater Solutions.

Within six months, plans to move the entire organization, including employees, equipment, inventory, raw materials, trucks, and trailers, from Prineville, Oregon, to Casper, Wyoming, came to fruition. Advance Casper provided collaborating support to ensure a smooth and economical move.

Over a dozen truckloads, including 53’ dry vans, 48’ flatbeds, open trailers, boom trucks, and personal vehicles, arrived in Casper in mid-June, and now, one organization and three families are ready to begin the next chapter of their journey, calling Casper ‘home’.

TITUS now resides on CY Avenue and sits on four acres. The new facility boasts 44,000 square feet of space within the four-building complex, a significant expansion for TITUS’s manufacturing facilities. A small portion of the facilities will continue to house the marine storage and maintenance business as much of the property will be utilized to accommodate the expansion of the TITUS wastewater organizational initiatives.

In conjunction with the move and expansion, TITUS is pleased to announce a rebranding and drive to grow business in North America, representing the organization’s strategic focus to be a leader in the wastewater industry. The former TITUS Industrial Group, Inc. has rebranded as TITUS Wastewater Solutions, Inc.

Newly settled in their new headquarters in Casper, Wyoming, TITUS Wastewater Solutions is committed to providing highly engineered, innovative, and effective solutions for the wastewater industry throughout North America and is driven to positively impact the local manufacturing and fabrication industry, local economy, and community as their operations continue to expand.


TITUS Wastewater Solutions is committed to providing innovative and effective solutions for water, wastewater, and stormwater industries throughout North America. With comprehensive planning, engineering, construction, and implementation, TITUS strives to be the leading distributor for environmental and wastewater projects at a cost-effective price. With an extensive range of solutions for many markets, TITUS Wastewater Solutions is the practical, chemical-free choice for water, wastewater, and stormwater in North America. Visit TITUSWWS.com for more information.