TREFFLER Organic Machinery presents the Treffler TS Precision harrows

Netherlands – TREFFLER Organic Machinery is a leading global manufacturer of innovative technology supporting good farming practices. Making farming accessible for all farmers great and small is a commitment equally important as producing machines for no-till practices improving our soil health and structure, machines helping with mechanical weed management and creating better working conditions, and mills processing healthy 100% whole flour, therefore ReGenerating our farms. Treffler understands only the most precise tools are good enough for your farm. 

TREFFLER Organic Machinery presents the Treffler TS Precision harrows for in Row Harrowing and clean fields. The Treffler harrow is unrivalled in mechanical weed control for all your vegetable and field crops. For clean fields in all crop stages, from emergence to maturity. Trefflers offers the widest adjustable tension range on the market and our tines always follow the contour of your field, ridge, hill, or raised bed guaranteeing your field will be worked evenly. Machines in all sizes, for all farmers great and small. TREFFLER Precision Cultivators for the latest technology, shallow tillage for improving your soil health and structure. Make TREFFLER your machine this spring. 

TREFFLER precision agricultural and milling machinery is built for the best results and your success as a user. Discover our product range – we offer you experience and quality for ploughless and organic farming. Get to know our machines, your foods and crops will benefit.


Treffler-Man@Machine is a partnership between Treffler GmbH and Man@Machine. We are a sales and promotion company specializing in Treffler machines for all farmers around the world. Environmental and people friendly agricultural technology makes us optimistic for a better future for everyone who grows our food. Choosing the right machine to take care of your food and crops is a matter of conviction, experience and quality. Treffler-Man@Machine guarantees quality and reliability.  Give us a call, we believe that a personal relationship with our customers helps to build a strong and trusting working relationship. At Treffler-Man@Machine customer service is as important as product quality. Visit Treffler at World Ag Expo® Online at