Vinduino releaseses 5th generation wireless irrigation controller

Synchronized irrigation, fertilizer, and pump control plus flow rate monitoring

Vinduino today released their 5th generation wireless irrigation controller, which controls a pump, multiple irrigation and fertilizer valves, and keeps track of flow rate per irrigation block. The system works with eVineyard and eOrchard software for daily optimized variable rate irrigation, optimizing crop results and saving resources.

The Vinduino 5th generation wireless irrigation controller works seamlessly with other Vinduino products, such as the Vinduino R4 soil moisture sensor station, and can join with up to 1,000 stations in a 10-mile range wireless network. LoRaWAN radio technology provides always-on instantaneous response, allowing for wireless scheduling of multiple units and perfectly synchronized pump and valve operation.

One unit can control four irrigation zones, and one master valve or pump, while operating on solar or mains power. Integrated flow rate tracking allows precise irrigation volume management per irrigation zone. The Vinduino 5th generation wireless irrigation controller can detect leaks and autonomously stop irrigation while sending an alert via email and text message.

“With the new synchronized valve control feature we introduce unique scalability, allowing separate locations to work in concert with each other. This enables pump control and fertilizer injection in lock step coordination with irrigation operations.”, says Reinier van der Lee, CEO and founder of Vinduino.

“Bringing support for real-time operation of valves and pumps with Vinduino using LoRaWAN wireless technology is another exciting aspect that we strongly believe will make life easier for the farmers who use eVineyard and eOrchard solutions”, said Matic Serc, CEO of Elmibit, a leading provider of agriculture software solutions.


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