Western Fiber and Hempshield Align to Serve the Farm

Hollis, OK – This January, Western Fiber announced Hemp Shield as the lead product for their 2021 campaign. In an initiative to serve and re-establish the farm as the primary shareholder. Using 35+ years of network and research in the natural and post-consumer product space Western Fiber pushes off to unite the industry through the farm.

“We have to launch together as an industry and now to save the farm,” said Mike McGuire, President of Western Fiber.

About Hemp Shield

Hemp Shield is an eco-friendly deep penetrating sealant for all wood types.

The growth of environmental awareness and the realities of post-peak petroleum supply have combined to produce a paradigm shift in consumer’s demands and producer’s resources that has created new markets and product types in the paint and coatings industry. Hemp Shield products speak to the 21st century consumer’s desire and manufacturer’s need for safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly, sustainably sourced wood finishes that exceed current wear standards, are easy to apply, and look good. Available at  http://www.hempshield.net/  and https://www.westernfibers.com/shop.


Visit Western Fiber at World Ag Expo® Online at http://bit.ly/WAE21-WesternFiber.