World Ag Expo® Top-10 New Product Winners: Where are they now?

Pro 5 Series Pumps by Ace Pump Corporation

Answered by: Andy Randle,  

Q: Where is the product now? How has it changed?
A: The 125 and 155 models were release in 2020 and have been very popular in a variety of applications including planter liquid application and spraying. The availability of the Oasis WetSeal and integrated PWM controls make these models ideal for many precision applications.

Q: What innovations are you working on now?
A: The 255 model will be released in early 2022 and will complete the full range of the Pro 5 Series. The 255 model is ideal for larger equipment requiring higher flow and application rates.

Q: How did winning the Top-10 award help your company and the winning product?
A: The Pro 5 Series has received the fastest market acceptance of any new Ace product in recent years. Winning this award along with a great need for more reliable pumps in the market really contributed to this success.

Q: What’s next for Ace Pump?
A: We look forward to connecting with everyone again at the show in February! [visit Ace Pump at booth 3000 in the Corteva Agriscience Center at World Ag Expo®]