World Ag Expo® Top-10 New Product Winners: Where are they now?

2020 winner: ALUS Nutrition
2021 winner: ALUS Behavior
by Cainthus

Answered by: Benoit Batard,  

Q: Where is the product now? How has it changed?
A: Cainthus has now installed its products on several major farms in the U.S., tracking tens of thousands of cows. We worked hard to ensure our unique technology provides meaningful value for producers. The feedback we get from them is very exciting. Thanks to their contribution, the two ALUS products have evolved significantly, with new features that improve their uniqueness and relevance to producers.

Q: What innovations are you working on now?
A: Cainthus’ strength is our innovation. All elements that can be monitored on the farm – feed, environment, people, herd, individual animals, management practices – in order to optimize herd and people performance are being considered. That said, we are currently working on new features for our existing products like low feed alerts or headlock alerts, stocking density. We are also working on a new product that will help drive labor efficiency, making sure that feeding and milking operations are done right, every time, consistently.

Q: How did winning the Top-10 award help your company and the winning product?
A: Winning the award put the company in the spotlight during World Ag Expo® 2020, at the time when Cainthus was launching its first ever commercial product. The award gave us the opportunity to showcase our product in the media, including local TV stations. It helped us raise awareness and credibility of our company and drive consideration from potential prospects, even well after the trade show. Internally, the award was a great talking point; it gave us the confidence in our ability to bring to market great products and generated a high level of motivation. We also always mention our awards to potential candidates as we are constantly attracting new talents to our company. It brings a certain level of excitement and reassurance to them!

Q: What are you looking forward to at the 2022 show?
A: Cainthus is very fond of World Ag Expo®. Not only because we are based nearby, in Visalia, but also because the show has always been a great platform to engage with our Dairy community.